Discover a day of wonder at an ECMS service

It's a beautiful time for your family as your child experiences the joys of learning and community in a nurturing environment. Here's a peek at what life could look like for you and your little one at one of our services.   

A warm welcome to start your day   

As you enter your service, our team will be ready to meet you. They look forward to a day of adventure with your child. You can rest assured that your little one is in caring hands as they embark on a day of fun and learning. As part of our place-based pedagogy, it is essential to note that no two services will have the exact routine, and it may even vary from room to room within the same service to suit children's needs.  

Learning through play  

From building block towers to painting masterpieces, each moment throughout the day is a chance for children to explore, experiment and express themselves. Our experienced team of teachers and educators tailor each day to meet children's needs and foster a safe environment for indoor and outdoor play.

A whole new world of wonder  

Sometimes, your child may have opportunities to enjoy explorations within and outside the service that spark curiosity about the world around them. We will only ever do this with your consent. As always, safety is our top priority, and our teams are trained to ensure this is maintained at all times.   

Get involved  

Our teachers and educators will regularly update you about your child's learning. Feel free to reach out to your child's teaching team with any updates. If you have any questions in between updates, we encourage you to speak to your child's teacher to discuss their progress. They will even share ideas on how you can continue this learning at home. 

It’s pick up time 

As you pick your child up, expect to hear about their day's adventures as you go home and prepare for another wonder-filled day.  

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